An Anticipated Mobile Payment System goes Live in Belgium

A new mobile payments venture has been launched in Belgium dubbed as Sixdots. The venture was officially announced a year back. Available as a mobile app for iOS and Android users, it allows users to setup digital payments wallet. These wallets are supported by Belgian banks and the mobile operator Proximus.

First time users of the app need to register a bank card and setup a six-digit PIN to complete the registration process. The PIN is used to approve transactions and secure information as well. Payments are enabled using QR code validated by the PIN. In the initial phase, Sixdots is supporting online and in-app payments, direct payments to a person and in-store payments as well.

Here is illustration of the app:

The official launch came into being through collaboration with Bancontact/Mister Cash, the main system for card payments in Belgium. Other partners and payment systems can be readily integrated into Sixdots. The new venture plans to bring in more features like added support for credit cards, loyalty cards, promotional offers and additional payments cards linked to accounts. Other features in pipeline include secure authentication procedure and linking of Sixdots account to online banking.

Sixdots resembles a combination of IDEAL, an e-commerce payment system of Netherlands, and Apple Pay-competitor CurrentC because of use of QR codes. The banks involved with Sixdots are ING, BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC and Belfius. The Sixdots mobile app would bring support for Master Pass as well in future.

It is questionable whether this is the ideal solution for mobile payments in Belgium. The best part is the participation of all major Belgian banks, so that it is immediately accessible to most Belgians. But whether the Belgians massively scan QR codes at checkout, is still to be seen. As of now, the app is readily available from the App Store and Google Play Store.