AnywhereCommerce Receives Two More Patents for EMV Payment Technology

AnywhereCommerce, a global provider of mobile commerce technology, has been issued two United States patents for its payment acceptance technology using communication devices. The company is a leader in mPOS technology and has an ever-growing patent portfolio that makes transaction data movement possible across a communications device’s audio jack. With the new patents, it is expanding its patent portfolio to include contact and contactless smart card and chip operations using mobile devices.

Since 2008, AnywhereCommerce has been empowering mobility through our proven leading-edge, secure transaction technology, said William Nichols, President and Chief Executive Officer at AnywhereCommerce. The patents we’ve been granted impact all mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) applications that rely on audio jack communications. Our latest patents illustrate the company’s ongoing development activities, and further demonstrates our commitment to support highly secure EMV solutions using mobile devices, and to put state-of-the-art security and encryption solutions in the hands of every merchant.

AnywhereCommerce is continuously working towards innovating and enhancing its portfolio of intellectual property. The company has been issued new patents for the audio jack which is required to connect a handset or tablet and a mobile payments device. Its new patents support transactions based on communication devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc., utilizing smart card and EMV chip technology.

In October, 2015, the payment networks’ liability shift is due to take effect in the United States. The main driver of EMV migration is the large volume and value of counterfeit card fraud. According to the EMV Migration Forum, approximately 120 million chip cards were issued by the end of 2014, and this number is expected to jump to 600 million cards by the end of 2015. The US is already inclined towards using mobile and contactless payments. The implementation of EMV chip technology can be implemented conveniently by mobile personal devices. The POS terminals that accept EMV chip cards can accept both contact and contactless payments.

The company’s payment solutions support transactions initiated via near field communication (NFC) technology, including Apple Pay, Android Pay and similar solutions.

The details regarding two new patents issued to AnywhereCommerce are listed below:

Patent No. 9,053,471


A system and method are disclosed for conducting secure electronic transactions using dual-authentications. A secure server stores security information for a plurality of users and authorizes transactions being conducted by these users. A user computer system having a trusted platform module is used for storing security information relating to at least one user account. Protected environments are created to facilitate secure connections based on at least the security information stored in the trusted platform module. Transactions between the user/electronic merchants and between the user/secure server are conducted within protected environments. When a user conducts an electronic transaction with an electronic merchant, the transaction is authenticated by the secure server before can be completed.

Patent No. 9,016,566 B2


An apparatus for effecting commercial transactions with a server using a transaction card via a communication device is provided. The apparatus includes a transaction device coupled with the communication device for capturing information from the transaction card and a controller for converting the captured card information into an encrypted audio signal and for transmitting the audio signal to the communication device. The communication device delivers the audio signal to the server for processing the commercial transaction.

AnywhereCommerce products are recognized worldwide for their quality and reliability. The company provides EMVCo certified and PCI compliant payment acceptance solutions through its mSuite™ solutions family, including support of its Walker and Nomad line of secure EMV and NFC card acceptance devices, its mPOS payment software apps, software integration via its CorePay library of payment features, and access to its robust cloud-based aCommerce Management Platform that extends connectivity to a number of processing endpoints, and provides advanced reporting and administrative portals.

About AnywhereCommerce:

AnywhereCommerce is a global m-commerce technology provider and industry innovator with a portfolio of IP, including industry-recognized audio jack patents. AnywhereCommerce offers a suite of hardware, software, developer tools and gateway solutions that deliver an end-to-end mobile payments experience supporting transactions initiated via mag-stripe, EMV chip-and-signature, EMV chip-and-PIN and NFC. The solutions are backed by its aCommerce Management Platform, a robust cloud-based transaction and reporting engine. The PCI and EMVCo certified ecosystem works on iOS, Android and Windows systems and provides optimal security, reliability, and convenience for merchants, networks, issuers, processors and acquirers. For more information, please visit .