How APIs Are Obliterating Technology Challenges

We live in a world characterized by rapid communications and transactions. About 97% of Millennials own a mobile device and 51% of them spend more time shopping (buying) on mobile than on desktop. The instant gratification generation that we all have become is now used to getting what we want – instantly – and, whether you know it or not, you have APIs to thank for that.

We rely upon APIs to deliver the instant interaction and robust solutions we’ve come to expect. From startups to established firms, travel to retail, APIs are changing the face of business and consumer interactions for the better and obliterating technology challenges.

What is an API, you may ask? If I were to say to you Application Programming Interface, depending on your level of technical knowledge, that may or may not mean much to you. But you can think about it this way. Every time you try to exchange data from an application remotely, you are likely to call an API. The API creates a structured way to exchange the data between two applications wit ...

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