Apple just Started an App Economy Equivalent in NFC POS

In 2007, Apple gave the chance to developers to develop apps and publish apps on the app store which developers could use. Apple supported this platform and is continuing to do so. Not in an exact one-to-one analogy, but Apple is trying to do the same for POS players. From the consumer perspective, Apple has brought its contactless mobile payments service Apple Pay bringing in both hardware and software payments solutions. On the merchant side, it is now allowing developers to bring in both hardware and software solutions to incorporate Apple Pay for merchants. Here are 9 such POS players who have prioritized the integration of Apple Pay into their service offerings:


Shopkeep adopted brought support for Apple Pay on October 15th by releasing a dedicated NFC for Apple Pay card reader. The new card reader provides merchants and consumers with an added layer of security because of the two-factor authentication needed for EMV smart card payments and c ...

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