Apple just Started an App Economy Equivalent in NFC POS

In 2007, Apple gave the chance to developers to develop apps and publish apps on the app store which developers could use. Apple supported this platform and is continuing to do so. Not in an exact one-to-one analogy, but Apple is trying to do the same for POS players. From the consumer perspective, Apple has brought its contactless mobile payments service Apple Pay bringing in both hardware and software payments solutions. On the merchant side, it is now allowing developers to bring in both hardware and software solutions to incorporate Apple Pay for merchants. Here are 9 such POS players who have prioritized the integration of Apple Pay into their service offerings:


Shopkeep adopted brought support for Apple Pay on October 15th by releasing a dedicated NFC for Apple Pay card reader. The new card reader provides merchants and consumers with an added layer of security because of the two-factor authentication needed for EMV smart card payments and contactless payments, such as Apple Pay. Shopkeep provides cloud-based point of sale software for managing retail shops, bars and restaurants. ShopKeep allows business owners nationwide to set-up their registers in minutes, accept cash and credit cards with their choice of processor, view real-time sales on their smartphone and easily track inventory and staff.


The startup came into spotlight on October 29th bringing in a ‘smart’ payment terminal. While current payment terminals typically support one or two payment methods, the Poynt Smart Terminal has traditional cards, EMV (chip and PIN), NFC (Apple Pay and Google Wallet), Bluetooth and QR code built into one device. It features a dual touchscreen design that combines a 7 merchant-facing screen, a second 4.3 customer-facing screen, printer, barcode scanner and wireless connectivity into a single package.


Clover Network Inc., which makes the Clover tablet-based point-of-sale system, incorporated support for Apple Pay on September 9th. Clover is owned by First Data Corp., a payment processor that is one of the initial supporters of Apple Pay. The Clover POS system is able to accept Apple Pay contactless transactions using a First Data Corp. PIN pad that has a built-in contactless reader and smart card reader for Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) transactions. First Data’s support of Apple Pay marked another milestone in First Data’s transformation from a payments processor to a solutions provider.

Merchant Link

On December 4th, Merchant Link, a leading provider of payment gateway and data security solutions, announced the release of its Apple Pay contactless payment solutions for MICROS integrated point-of-sale systems. The Apple Pay contactless solutions use both Verifone and ViVOtech hardware devices. Merchant Link recently completed end-to-end testing and transaction processing of Apple Pay payments, securely, on the MICROS RES 3700, Simphony, and 9700 Restaurant integrated point-of-sale systems. The solutions are available for point-of-sale systems that have been certified by Merchant Link for contactless.


On October 2nd, ID TECH, a manufacturer of secure payment solutions, mobile payment, point of sale and digital signage, announced that its contactless readers support Apple Pay. ID TECH's contactless product line has a variety of product offerings from all-in-one NFC, magstripe and EMV payment terminals to contactless and NFC-only reader modules. ID TECH's ViVOpay 4800, ViVOPay 5000 and Xpress CM100 are products for merchants to integrate contactless payment acceptance into existing point-of-sale systems to support NFC and Apple Pay.


On October 30th, the company announced its partnership with Merchant Warehouse to bring support for Apple Pay and other payment systems to the TouchBistro POS solution. TouchBistro uses the highly secure Merchant Warehouse Genius Customer Engagement Platform to process payments made via the TouchBistro POS solution. Genius supports mobile commerce using technologies such as NFC and QR codes, and is designed to accept all current and future payment types. With Genius and TouchBistro, food service businesses of any size are ready to accept Apple Pay and other NFC-enabled mobile payment solutions instantly.

Revel Systems

On September 11th, Revel Systems, a provider of iPad Point of Sale Solutions, announced that it is Apple Pay ready by Chase, and will accept Apple Pay payments via Chase Paymentech. To begin utilizing Apple Pay, Revel clients are required to create an account with Chase. This will work independently from the customer's merchant account unless he or she wishes to use Chase as their merchant account as well. Revel will allow the end user (the merchant) to decide which merchant account is best for their business. Revel's versatile and flexible platform is a major reason its customers are signing on.


On September 11th, the company announced support for Apple Pay and other NFC based contactless payment systems. Bindo’s new NFC-enabled mPOS reader operates over Bluetooth Low Energy and wireless technology. Using the most advanced technology, it is able to accept EMV chip and signature, chip and pin devices, and, of course, magnetic swipe. Bindo’s mobile contactless payment operates on an EMV-based payments infrastructure. Bindo will also be releasing Bindo Marketplace: a consumer app that aggregates all of the stores using Bindo POS onto one platform, allowing consumers to purchase directly online from their favorite neighborhood store, and have their orders delivered.


On December 3rd, the company released a video demonstrating support for Apple Pay by its POS system. The iConnect POS is attached to a POWA stand, which has a number of hardware devices built in. To accept Apple Pay today, a simple Verifone NFC device is attached. The iConnect POS platform is designed for Mac and PC desktops and laptops, iPads and iPhones. The Web application is responsive and works on any Internet-enabled device including Android tablets. The iConnect team puts customer feedback first, correlating the newly added features and improvements directly with suggestions from the current customer base.