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Apple Pay LTP Survey Results Are Here


The results of the poll (survey) we did with the LTP readers have come in and here they are...

We had asked the following questions and got 52% absolutely positive responses with "Yes". Another 21% are not very sure but given its the "maybe" category they might give it a try. About 28% said a clear NO but a majority of them (19/28) said no because they generally don't believe in mobile wallets and don't think that mobile payments solve any problem.

Apple Pay

n = 230 and the survey has been running for 3-4 days.

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What do you think?

Options and Response Percentages

Yes, I am eagerly waiting for it</td>


Maybe, it seems secure but I don't have iPhone 6 till now</td>


No, Mobile payments don't solve any problem</td>


Yes, bought the iPhone 6, heard a lot</td>


No, I use Google Wallet or ISIS, or Paypal</td>




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