How Apple Pay Works on Apple Watch - a Quick Review

Announced on September 9th, 2014 and released in October of the same year, Apple Pay is available on all new Apple products (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s). The innovative design of the NFC antenna is paired with Apple’s unique security elements. Now the Apple Watch, scheduled to be released on the 24th of this month, will utilize Apple Pay.

Credits: Video by CNET

Apple Pay for the Apple Watch has unparalleled ease of access as compared to other Apple products. To bring up Apple Pay you merely click the side button twice; the card you’ve registered with Apple Pay appears and you use the Apple Watch’s NFC platform to complete your purchase. That means there is no need to open the actual app when using Apple Pay on the Apple Watch. The ease of setup for the user is also outstanding. You merely place the card information into the Apple Pay option on the app for the Apple Watch using iSight or by manually typing in the card information.

One of the unique security elements added by Apple to Apple Watch, is the newly adapted passcode security element. Once the watch is removed from the user’s wrist, to access Apple Pay on the device, a password must be reinstated. This aims to counter the threat posed by the theft of the watch, and adds reassurance to the world of NFC payments, which is already exceptionally more secure than that of payment cards. Another security precaution that Apple has taken requires the user to register the card used on the Apple Watch separately than the one on the user’s iPhone. This essentially provides another layer of security; if your watch is stolen you have the ability to cancel the card registered to your Apple Watch, without cancelling the card you’ve setup on your iPhone.

Thus far Apple has 25 major participating banks and continues to add banks and merchants to the list almost daily in anticipation of the Apple Watch’s release.