Apple’s First iBeacon Location Made Public

In the early days of Febuary 2013, Apple was silently installing and testing a new technology called iBeacons at a number of Major League Baseball Ballparks in the United States. Major League Baseball have been a very early adopter of Passbook and had already been working with Apple months before the release of Passbook. They now accept Passbook based tickets at every venue [1]. Passbook if it were a stand alone company would already be a multi-billion dollar industry [2].

Apple has identified about 30 industries where Passbook, then iBeacons will be tested.

I have been tracking this for quite sometime and for many reasons I had to wait for some public announcements before diving too deep into this relationship. Apple’s First iBeacon Location Made Public and @ Lets Talk Payments we though of covering it first hand. The first location will be Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets.

The Perfect Showcase For iBeacons

Major League Baseball is the perfect test ground and introduction path for the use cases of iBeacons and is a genius move on both Apple and Major League Baseball’s part.

[caption id='attachment_1216' align='alignright' width='300'] Example of the Major League Baseball app.[/caption]

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