Apply Now for ISME ACE – India's Largest FinTech Accelerator & Gateway to India for Global FinTech Startups

ISME ACE is hosting India's largest FinTech accelerator for startups with the aim to foster creative collaboration by leveraging all elements of the FinTech ecosystem, and fuel next-gen disruptive FinTech innovation.

Source: ISME ACE

ISME Accelerating Creative Entrepreneurs (ACE) is a 360-degree FinTech ecosystem for startups, corporates, investors and students, to accelerate creativity and disrupt the financial services industry. By accelerating over 100 startups in next two years, ISME ACE aims to lead the FinTech revolution in India, backed by enablers such as IndiaStack, Jan Dhan, UPI, GST, new technologies (distributed ledger technology, AI, etc.), and higher mobile and internet penetration.

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