Applying AI for a Better Tomorrow

If previously AI was believed to be the future, in 2016, it is an inevitable part of reality in a range of industries and segments, as well as a matter of financial and scientific interest for research institutions, governments and businesses.

Bright entrepreneurs have already brought AI to agriculture, the oil and gas industry, radiology, financial technology, security and more. The largest and most successful companies in the world strongly believe in AI and invest substantial time and resources to harvest its potential.

Addressing the importance of initiatives with AI and AI-powered technologies for various aspects of everyday life and for particular segments of the national ecosystem, the White House has released a report, outlining among other things, the role of AI in ensuring social welfare. Let’s look at some of the most interesting and important ways AI is believed to be working for social good:

Social service for underprivileged and citizens in poverty

Similar to the opportunities for AI in the criminal justice system, an advanced software can also aid disadvantaged groups of population and citizens in poverty.

The report brings up an example of the US academic institutions that have launched an initiative to use AI to tackle economic and social challenges: The University of Chicago created an academic program that uses data science and ...

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