Apriva and Amano McGann Bring EMV to Parking Payment Systems Nationwide


Apriva, the leading provider of secure end-to-end wireless transaction and information solutions, announced a partnership with Amano McGann, the leading provider of parking automation in North America. Through this partnership, Apriva will be enabling integration of their EMV-ready Apriva Gateway into Amano McGann’s parking solutions for both attended and unattended parking systems across their network of more than 5,000 locations.

“Apriva is the ideal partner to enhance our payment systems to support EMV acceptance. Not only will our combined solution provide us an option to present to our current and future customers to accept new EMV cards, but they connect us to most major processors and can accommodate emerging payment forms,” said Joe Survance, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Business Development at Amano McGann. “With the rapidly changing market we need to be agile and able to incorporate new standards and technologies with ease, and this partnership allows us to do just that.”

Apriva's Integration Services Program allows Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and mobile and embedded developers, to easily implement credit, debit, EBT, loyalty and closed-loop payment processing into their solutions. Once integrated, applications and POS solutions can communicate with the Apriva Gateway over a wired or wireless network providing access to payment processing providers. Apriva maintains relationships with more than 35 payment processers in North America, along with all leading wireless carriers, and currently works with more than 1,000 merchant acquirers and ISOs across the United States and Canada.

Amano McGann manufactures hardware and software for parking access and revenue control across a wide range of service sectors, including but not limited to airports, universities, hotels, hospitals, municipalities, casinos, and event venues. Amano provides sales, installation, service and technical support throughout the U.S., Canada and Latin America. Incorporating Apriva’s solution into Amano’s offerings will provide comprehensive payment capabilities that connect any supported payment form to any integrated credit card processor. This will allow parking owners and operators the freedom to choose the partners that are right for their specific needs. “The last thing consumers want to worry about when parking is how to pay,” said Brian Sadowski, Chief Information Officer at Apriva. “By partnering with Amano McGann, we are able to bring seamless, secure, stress-free payments to the largest parking provider in the industry.

About Apriva

Founded in 1999, Apriva is the leading provider of end-to-end wireless transactions and secure information messaging solutions that meet the exacting security and reliability requirements of financial services providers, government entities, and public service sectors. Through its two operating groups, Apriva Point of Sale (POS) and Apriva Information Security Systems (ISS), the company offers customers fully-managed, end-to-end, security solutions that incorporate hardware, software, network infrastructure and management tools. For more information, visit

About Amano McGann

Amano McGann, Inc., with 240+ US-based employees, in combination with Amano USA Holdings and Amano Corporation, is a worldwide organization with annual revenues in excess of $900 million. As world leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of hardware and software solutions for the parking industry, Amano McGann distributes nationally through branch offices and an authorized dealer network and provides a level of service and experience unmatched in the industry. For more information about Amano McGann please visit .



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