Apriva Certification to Onboard New Mobile Merchants Acquired by IRIS

On 3rd June 2014, IRIS - Integrated Reporting Is Simple - announced that it had integrated Apriva Payment Gateway’s automated boarding interface into its premier sales automation platform and payment transaction tracking system.

Apriva is a mobile communications and payment processing technology provider across North America. The company says that it is trusted by government agencies and businesses of all sizes to provide highly secure communications and wireless transactions across both public and private networks and systems.

  • This Apriva integration will enable IRIS clients with the ability to onboard new merchants up to four times faster than traditional manual entry processes.
  • Apriva is certified by the Department of Defense, and is compliant with the payment industry’s highest Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards.
  • New entrants into the credit card processing industry increase competition.
  • For an ISO who has maintained a flat line of profit, efficiency adds a major edge against the rest, according to the company.

IRIS was able to quickly certify their integration with Apriva to deliver an automated, white labeled boarding tool for the AprivaPay™ Plus mobile acceptance payment app to a mutual client. We were pleased to have the opportunity to work with IRIS on this integration, stated Sr VP for Information Technology for Apriva, Brian Sadowski, in a press release. With their streamlined process for boarding and custom reporting, IRIS provides an efficient, time-saving solution for their clients, he added.

Our clients’ time is our primary concern. Clients often present us with ideal applications to integrate. Any application that increases efficiency significantly is on our radar for integration. Apriva fell squarely into a caliber of technological leaders in the payments industry that we strive to work with. With the new Apriva Payment Gateway integration, we are excited to offer onboarding services at this time for registered ISOs of two of the industry’s largest payment processors, commented the President of IRIS, Dimitri Akhrin, in the same release. We do plan on adding additional processing platforms in the next upcoming twelve months.