Are FinTech Startups Creating an Impact by Capturing Market Share?

We have generally seen that when people talk about FinTech and its impact, they talk about funding received by leading startups, unicorns, and valuation of the startups. Some enlightened folks also talk about the user base, user growth, and other popular metrics, and some even conducted surveys with 1000–1500 people (only) in each country to gauge the adoption of FinTech. We think a lot about the impact of FinTech (occupational hazards :)) and how it should be measured, and we have been trying to answer that question since 2013. All of the above methods are not wrong, but we felt something was missing. So we went with the traditional approach of looking at the market share being captured by FinTechs. We are focusing our efforts (beginning this month) to gauge the impact through the percentage of market share ...

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