Are Investors Still Interested in Bitcoin? An Investment Analysis

Let’s Talk Payments has been bullish on the use of blockchain for non-payments purpose. Blockchain technology is exciting and has the potential to change the world. It’s possible because it’s secure—it has the capacity to process large amounts of transactions. Industry veterans feel that blockchain technology has enough potential to move beyond bitcoin. On the other hand, bitcoin faces fluctuations and also has multiple security issues. That is why the confidence level in bitcoin has diminished among users.

However, investors are still bullish about bitcoin. In the last 60 days around US $52.5 million has been raised by bitcoin companies across the globe. Companies like BitFury, Vogogo and Mirror—who are heavily inclined towards bitcoin—have received hefty funding.

Let us have a look at how much investment has flown into the bitcoin space in the last three years. Investments in the bitcoin space gained momentum since 2013.

Since 2012, more than 180 investments have been made in the bitcoin space. Only one company (21 Inc.) has received funding of more than US $100 Million. Around 13 companies have received funding of more than US $20 million but less than US $100 million. The other 167 companies have received funding of less than US $20 million. More than 60% are seed funds. US and Canada have received the maximum number of investments (more than 60%), followed by Asia (16%) and Europe (14%). Other regions which include Middle East, Africa and Latin America have received 10% of the investments in the bitcoin space.

As of now, bitcoin startup firms which have gained some amount of interactions are mostly preferred by investors. It seems that investors are not ready to burn their money, which used to happen previously in the bitcoin space.