Are We Innovating for "Gen M"? (No, this is not just about Millennials)

I believe we are all part of "Gen M".

No, you don't have to be in the 13-31 age range (defined as Millennials) to be in Gen M. And you certainly don't need to overthink what the M stands for! M is for Mobile, of course.

So, is this yet another one of those exhortations on "mobile-first" thinking? Not really.

This is about a "generation" of consumers who share a common bond that transcends language, geography, nationality, even age and income brackets. It's about Generation M. In fact, millennials look like a collection of disparate species across the tree of evolution as compared to Gen M, in which everyone speaks the same dialect of the same language. There is more in common between Gen M-ers aged 5 and 51 than there is between Millennials of ages 15 and 25.

Just look at yourself and those around you. That's exactly what I did, and I didn't have to be one of the wicked smart creative Mad Men (of the advertising world) to see the obvious: that Mobility is the greatest equalizer, ever! And Cloud and Data are willing cohorts (more on that in another post). For the first time, we might be able to look past age-, income- and ethnicity-based segmentation and innovate for a broader, more homogenous "Gen M". In fact, it's ...

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