Aron Schwarzkopf says Leaf is not a Payment Company, its much more, in an exclusive Interview

Leaf, a Cambridge-based POS, cloud and payment platform startup, was founded in 2011, and serves as central hub for small businesses commerce in US.

Lets Talk Payments interviewed Aron Schwarzkopf, Founder and CEO of Leaf, to discuss about the developments in the POS industry in US, discuss about his amazingly well funded firm Leaf and how they are helping small businesses.

Q.1. What was the idea behind the company

As a student, Aron Schwarzkopf was inclined to the idea of revolutionizing the way small businesses do business in a world progressing towards cloud storage and computing. He had no background in the payments industry. Having no experience and having fresh ideas works to your advantage sometimes. You think about solutions in a way that have not been thought before says Aron.

Since he passed out of college in 2011, he has led Leaf from a vague idea on paper to the launch of an Android tablet for business in 2012, and to a cloud based platform that processes over $40Mn payments a year now. The company is focused on getting rid of the segregation of devices and platforms that existed in the industry. Thus they have been focusing on a vendor agonistic service, that gives the merchant the flexibility of using their own performance data and to improve th ...

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