Around $680 B will be spent globally through NFC mobile payments in 2019 says new Report

NFC was losing steam in last couple of years after initial hype. There were half hearted attempts but as soon as Apple pay and new iPhones announced using NFC, the entire segment looks like as if it’s on steroids right now. The boardrooms are busy these days in any company connected to NFC terminals or payments. This is the first time when there is significant momentum to make contactless wallets happen. Even if Apple pay does not succeed as much as being talked about, it would have a lasting impact on EMV and NFC being adopted in the industry. Everybody will benefit from it including other wallets.

Let’s Talk Payments has released a report titled NFC Projections taking into account Apple Pay and Liability Shift (NFC Smartphone, Terminals and Payments forecast, 2014-19)

Apple ...

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