Asia's First Free Stock Trading Service Launched by 8 Securities

Investing in stock markets gets easier with the 8 Securities app which allows users to download the app for free and start trading on stocks without any minimum balance or commission-per-trade. The company serves self-directed investors and passive savers through a mobile app. Its wealth management and brokerage runs on a single platform & infrastructure.

The company recently released Asia's first free stock trading service. As per company’s data, its self-directed customers are trading over 15,000 US and HK stocks and index funds for $0 commission. It uses smart technology to eliminate the expenses that other brokers and banks pass on to their customers. The company is planning to earn revenue in the future by offering margin lending to its experienced traders.

For its future growth, the company has planned for the next version of the trading app which will include interest and behavior-based alerts. For example, if a customer is frequently hitting quotes for Google, he will automatically get an alert letting him know the community buy & sell momentum and sentiment is on that particular stock. According to the company, it is one of a thousand possibilities of using the provided data to give its customers personalized insights.

The company is also giving final touches on its new mobile advisor solution—Chloe, the digital assistant. According to 8 Securities, thes solution addresses the needs of 99% of the population. The heart of the solution is Chloe, the world's first digital financial assistant. The solution uses machine learning with a goal to provide personalized mentoring and insight for the customers. Unlike a traditional advisor, Chloe will be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The digital assistant also treats a $100 account the same way she would a $1 million account.

"This is one of many big product launches we have planned for 2016. The next generation of our new mobile advisory service is in the pipeline," said Mathias Helleu, Executive Chairman, at the company’s press release. This will be revolutionary. Our technology has a goal of making investing simple and accessible. We believe there is a large population that feel underserved by their bank or are paying high fees to an advisor and want a smart and affordable digital alternative," said Helleu.

The company has partnered with some the world's leading Internet security and infrastructure companies including Cisco, Citrix, Checkpoint and Amazon Web Services. 8 Securities is a licensed brokerage in Hong Kong and is regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.