At Least 20 Robo-Advisors Can Leave a Human Unemployed

SigFig provides an easy way to manage money by allowing to simply connect accounts. The service then will tailor a portfolio based on users’ goals. It delivers reports and guidance to more than 800,000 investors, tracking over $350 billion.

Robinhood is a commission-free, mobile-first stock brokerage. It started with the idea that a technology-driven brokerage could operate with significantly less overhead.

Betterment is a goal-based online investment company delivering smart, personalized financial advice. Betterment’s automated platform eliminates the typical complexities and time of a traditional investment account.

Wealthfront provides an automated investment management service. It combines financial expertise with technology to provide sophisticated investment management services at a lower cost.

Nutmeg is an online investment management service platform.

Motif allows individuals and investment advisors to invest in stock and bond portfolios built around everyday ideas and broad economic trends.

Alphafront is helping people to achieve their financial goals like retirement, etc. backed by its robo-advisory. It is India’s first online provider of fully managed, goal-based mutual fund portfolios.

Wixifi is a robo-investment advisory platform that provides financial advice on how to build a well-diversified, continuously rebalanced, tax-optimized, low-cost portfolio.

Riskalyze empowers investment advisors to capture a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance to find investments that fit them.

Swanest is an intelligent online broker that empowers do-it-yourself investors.

Ritholtz Wealth Management is an online advisory platform that provides portfolio services such as financial planning, wealth management and asset advice to the clients.

AssetBuilder is an online-based money management platform that provides long-term investment strategy services to the clients.

blooom is an online personal management platform that provides 401k plan advice services to clients.

Trizic Accelerator is an automated wealth-management platform designed to give financial firms what they need to succeed in the digital age—an investment-agnostic, cloud-based platform that enables them to launch a digital investment advisory.

TrueWealth is a Web-based platform that offers wealth management services to investors.

Fincast is an Australian-owned financial services company that specializes in creating enterprise applications to empower fund managers, financial advisers and wealth management groups with low-cost portfolio management and advice solutions. Their SaaS applications enable clients to offer services to investors to help them manage their own investment portfolios, creating customized solutions that match the user's unique objectives.

SelfWealth is an online tool for self-directed investors. It enables individuals to compare themselves to their peers, professionals, and the market to rank their portfolio with a safety ranking and use that knowledge to improve their portfolio’s performance.

Personal Capital is a next-generation financial advisor. The company melds technology with professional advisors to help households with complex financial lives manage their wealth.

FutureAdvisor was acquired by BlackRock. Founded in 2010, FutureAdvisor believes financial advice should be accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy. Built on research-backed algorithms, FutureAdvisor’s free Web service gives everyday investors personalized recommendations to reduce fees, maximize tax efficiency and select the right assets in their portfolios.

Wealthsimple is a financial robo-advisor. The company handles portfolio management and investment decisions and automates all of the back-office to deliver investment advice.

easyfolio is a way to invest in broadly diversified portfolios. easyfolio offers three investment strategies: easyfolio 30, easyfolio 50 and easyfolio 70. All strategies invest with different weights—according to consumer personal risk assessment—in a basket of stocks and bonds, which reflects the global economy.

Jemstep is an online investment advisor that helps people invest for retirement by making recommendations across all their accounts, including 401(k) and other employer-sponsored plans. The company’s advisor platform, Jemstep Advisor Pro, helps investment advisors scale their businesses through harnessing the practices of robo-technology for client engagement, onboarding and servicing.

Symfonie Capital, LLC provides investment advisory services. The company offers financial planning, consulting and investment management services.