Avoka and Trulioo Partner To Enable Identity Authentication for International Banks

[Press release] – Avoka, the leader in digital customer acquisition for financial services companies, and Trulioo, the leading provider of instant identity verification for the international market, today announced a strategic partnership to facilitate real-time, KYC and AML compliant identity verification. The new solution, available today, will enable international banks to conduct digital identity authentication across 40 countries and four billion people as a streamlined part of their omni-channel digital customer engagement.

The agreement will see the integration of Trulioo’s GlobalGateway and Avoka Transact, combining the two offerings into a single solution from which customers can conduct end-to-end customer and financial onboarding online.

Today’s global marketplace makes identity verification a complex and challenging part of initial customer engagement for banks, whether that be account opening, loan applications or financial on-boarding, says Philip Copeland, CEO, Avoka. Our partnership with Trulioo enables us to simplify this process significantly, with the added benefit of helping our customers be compliant in all of the markets they operate in. And they can now do it without leaving the Avoka Transact platform, which means an end-to-end digital customer engagement experience.

Trulioo is committed to providing businesses with greater efficiency, effectiveness and agility by streamlining AML/KYC processes, especially for clients expanding internationally, says Jon Jones, President, Trulioo, By powering Avoka Transact with real-time ID verification, GlobalGateway helps to deliver a seamless customer onboarding process for international banks.

Through a single API integration, Trulioo GlobalGateway provides access to 145 reliable data sources from over 40 countries to instantly verify four billion people, a truly unique and comprehensive KYC capability that maximizes ROI for any business transacting online.

Avoka Transact enables financial services organizations worldwide to transform how they engage with customers by creating a frictionless omni-channel customer engagement experience across smartphone, tablet, desktop and in branch.

About Avoka

Avoka delivers frictionless digital sales and service transactions. For financial services, field service, education and government, Avoka software creates seamless omni-channel customer experiences that increase customer acquisition and improve customer service. Avoka was founded in 2002 and has digitized over 100 million transactions for 150+ global clients. Avoka is a charter member of Australian Government Cloud Services Panel and is based in Broomfield, CO, London, England and Sydney, Australia. Visit us at

About Trulioo Trulioo is a global ID verification company that provides advanced analytics from cyber and traditional data sources to verify online identities. The company’s mission is to solve global problems associated with verifying identities online by powering fraud and compliance systems for hundreds of clients worldwide in an effort to increase trust and safety online. Trulioo's bank-grade identity verification product, GlobalGateway, enables businesses to perform frictionless identity verification for more than 4 billion people in over 40 countries via 145 data sources - the widest coverage in the market. GlobalGateway helps businesses comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) identity verification needs, and provides a reliable and trustworthy way for businesses to evaluate new and existing users through one, single portal or API. For more information, visit