Axis Bank launches LIME – India’s first Mobile App integrating Wallet, Shopping, Payments & Banking

  • Enables any individual to transact and manage money through a single mobile app
  • Offers mobile wallet, online, offline payments and a seamless in-app shopping & ticketing experience
  • Facilitates opening of savings a/c and cash out at ATMs
  • Helps analyze one’s spends and rewards for saving

Axis Bank, India’s third largest private sector bank, today announced the launch of LIME, the country’s first mobile app that offers Wallet, Shopping, Payments & Banking. LIME will act as an independent app, empowering any person to open individual, shared mobile wallets and make seamless peer to peer as well as online, offline merchant payments. Users can also experience the convenience of in-app shopping that allows them to compare and buy products and services. LIME will enable individuals to open a full-fledged savings account digitally, by completing the KYC proc ...

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