Axis Bank launches LIME – India’s first Mobile App integrating Wallet, Shopping, Payments & Banking

  • Enables any individual to transact and manage money through a single mobile app
  • Offers mobile wallet, online, offline payments and a seamless in-app shopping & ticketing experience
  • Facilitates opening of savings a/c and cash out at ATMs
  • Helps analyze one’s spends and rewards for saving

Axis Bank, India’s third largest private sector bank, today announced the launch of LIME, the country’s first mobile app that offers Wallet, Shopping, Payments & Banking. LIME will act as an independent app, empowering any person to open individual, shared mobile wallets and make seamless peer to peer as well as online, offline merchant payments. Users can also experience the convenience of in-app shopping that allows them to compare and buy products and services. LIME will enable individuals to open a full-fledged savings account digitally, by completing the KYC process, using their mobile.

Commenting on the launch, Ms. Shikha Sharma, Managing Director and CEO, Axis Bank said, Customer preferences are changing rapidly and technology is transforming the way these preferences are being met. Our effort has been to constantly innovate through the use of smart technology to meet these evolving needs. LIME is the next big step in this journey."

Further, Mr. Rajiv Anand, Group Executive & Head Retail Banking, Axis Bank, added Given the boom in smartphone ownership across India, people are interacting with their banks digitally. LIME is an integrated mobile app that offers high customer engagement through new digital and financial behaviours. It offers a connected suite of services designed specifically to address the users’ shopping, payment and banking needs. LIME will change the way people manage their money and set financial goals.

Leveraging the strength of the expertise available in-house at Axis Bank, LIME is a fresh take on the way people interact with their money. The LIME suite of services creates value by connecting an ecosystem of consumers and partners with the Bank.

Key features of LIME are as follows:


- LIME Wallet: Payments made simpler via wallet. One can add money from credit / debit cards or net banking. Simple authentication via 4 digit mPIN.

- Shared Wallet: Share wallet with loved ones. For instance, father can set aside Rs. 5,000 as a Shared LIME Wallet tool for his daughter from which she can seamlessly withdraw anytime.

- Pool Money: Allows users to pool funds into a shared wallet for a particular purpose (eg. vacation/gift) and refund later equally or in proportion.


- Compare & Shop: With LIME, users can compare products across online shopping portals and shop within the app.

- Travel & Entertainment: Book flights, bus tickets, movies and plan vacations without leaving the app.

- In-store payments: The payment functionalities in the app allow users to do proximity payments at offline merchants through mobile & sound.


- Bill Pay and recharge: All utility payments eg. DTH, mobile recharge, gas can be made through the wallet with one-click payment.

- Transfer Money: Users can make wallet to wallet payments, wallet to other bank account payments and even send money to their social network.

- Split Bills: Easy way to track who’s spent how much and on what. Works great if you’re dining out with friends or splitting monthly expenses with your flat-mates.

- LIME Pay: Enables secure and easy payments on any app or m-site on phone. First-of-its-kind one-click payment feature.


- Digital savings account: Allows users to initiate and complete KYC process using Aadhaar from their mobile in few simple steps. The account number is instantly generated on LIME. Upgrading to an account will allow access to additional features and an option of saving in investment options.

- Goals: Users can choose a goal to save towards (eg. car, home, vacation etc) with amount required, time to goal and seed fund/installment and then allocate funds towards this goal from their account. Contribution by users will fetch them higher returns.

- Piggy Bank: This feature rounds up change during wallet usage and invests directly into a high yield deposit. Helps inculcate better financial behavior.


- One View: Keeps track of users’ spending habits and provides insights to help them spend better. Gives a consolidated view on all account balances, credit cards, wallets, savings and deposits across any bank or card.

- Receipt Box: Store and share bills and receipts. Users can take a picture of their bills and categorize their spends.

- Genius Insights: Tailored insights to help users save regularly. Helps inculcate a saving habit – all while helping users upgrade to the next level of expertise.

About Axis Bank: Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank in India. Axis Bank offers the entire spectrum of services to customer segments covering Large and Mid-Corporates, SME, Agriculture and Retail Businesses.

With its 2,589 domestic branches (including extension counters) and 12,179 ATMs across the country, as on 30th June 2015, the network of Axis Bank spreads across 1,714 cities and towns, enabling the Bank to reach out to a large cross-section of customers with an array of products and services. The Bank also has overseas offices in UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Colombo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Bank’s website offers comprehensive details about its products and services.