BAAS.IS, India FinTech, SE Asia Startups and FemTech Discussion at Life.SREDA Event Singapore

It was a full house and many people were standing at the back and on the sides of the room. November 14, 2016, was the first day of the Singapore FinTech festival and Life.SREDA hosted a special event to discuss some real challenges of FinTech development in Asia and the steps to be taken towards building a successful FinTech ecosystem. The main topics discussed during the event were Bank-as-a-Service and open API banking as the way to address existing challenges and to make a substantial impact on the success of the FinTech ecosystem. The event saw prominent figures from the FinTech industry share their thoughts along with panel discussions.

So let’s jump in to see what we learned from the various speakers.

Speaker: Chris Skinner, CEO of The Finanser and Chairman of The Financial Services Club

Evolution and importance of bank-as-a-service for the future of banking

Chris Skinner mainly spoke about open sourcing finance using APIs, apps and analytics. Technology is leveling the playing field for finance to platforms and marketplaces, where any company can deploy just a piece ...

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