Bad Weather Ahead: 3 Trends & The Perfect Storm of Fraud

Boise, Idaho {Press Release} – Kount, a leading supplier of fraud protection and sales boosting technology, revealed three current tends converging to create the perfect storm of fraud, along with tips that both vendors and consumers can use to protect themselves.

Kount’s Perfect Storm of Fraud eBook takes a look at how new, emerging technologies that claim to make transactions safer and protect consumer information can actually have the adverse effect, putting businesses and consumers alike at even greater risk. Recent large-scale data breaches, the shift to EMV in the US market, and the massive move by consumers to mobile channels and payments have created the perfect storm of fraud affecting consumers, retailers, merchants, and payment processors.

New technologies and solutions aimed at decreasing fraud have created a false premise that transactions are becoming more secure than they are in reality, said Don Bush, Vice President of Marketing, Kount. For instance, while it’s true that EMV may decrease fraud for in person transactions, its increasing prevalence is driving fraudsters to adjust their t ...

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