Balderton Capital Invests £1.5m in FinTech Startup Revolut

Balderton Capital has invested £1.5m in Revolut, a FinTech platform that simplifies international currency exchange and peer-to-peer money transferring. Whether you are a traveler for business or pleasure, if you plan on spending money, you can almost bet your bottom dollar or pound that you will be charged a fee of some sort. The VC firm has an aligned vision with Revolut, both organizations support solutions that are innovative and globally impactful.

Balderton Capital, a London-based VC firm, has been investing in many Europe-based Internet startups and tech entrepreneurs. Founded in 2000, Balderton Capital is the largest Europe-focused venture firm, with funds totaling $2.3 billion. Their investment team has somewhat of a true north vision when it comes to the innovative foresight they see in the companies they invest in. While the investment team has shown a vested interest in European tech business, they support these companies because of the growth potential to scale globally.

Revolut unconventionally disrupts the banking system. Currency exchange is a huge pain point for travelers. Revolut’s technology alleviates the cumbersome task of withdrawing money from an ATM and the fees associated with the transaction. The simplicity of transferring money through a smartphone app or social media without an intermediary bank is a traveler’s dream. The app is available on the Apple App Store for iOS and on Google Play for Android. Once the Revolut app is set up on a mobile device, a free RevolutCard ™ can be ordered and used at any place where MasterCard payments are accepted and money can be withdrawn without a fee.

Revolut is a part of many FinTech-driven companies in Balderton’s investment portfolio. The fund is also behind Wonga, Nutmeg, Crowdcube, Zopa, Credit Benchmark, eWise, GoCardless, and PayWithMyBank.

Wonga: Online lender, small short-term cash advances.

Nutmeg: Intelligent, fully managed investment portfolio.

Crowdcube: Pioneering equity crowdfunding website.

Zopa: Pioneer in peer-to-peer lending.

Credit Benchmark: Innovative credit risk data and analytics.

eWise: Personal money management.

GoCardless: Reoccurring payments made simple.

PayWithMyBank: Online mobile payments.