Banking Is a Partnership, and the Perfect Partner Can Only Be Nurtured, Not Acquired

Financial services are no longer services, but experiences, and the modern customer constantly seeks for a better one. While a better experience can have a varying definition depending on the actor, one of the important hallmarks of a superior experience with a financial institution is the ability of the institution to connect with the customer meaningfully, thus demonstrating that personal aspirations and goals are of paramount importance to every member of the company.

De-verticalization institutions, a process which is underway in the financial services industry, will have to evolve from service providers to loyal, lifelong partners in order to set a strong footing in consumers’ lives. Describing the concept, the BBA coined a term banking beyond banking. To compete in the ever-transforming environment, modern banks will have to function in a radically different way, moving past banking for the sake of banking, towards banking as a way to empower individuals and remain deeply vested in clients’ interests during their lives.

Fortunately, banks have almost all the necessary

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