BayPay Forum Feb Session Recap; Fireside Chat With CEO of Align Commerce

The room at the San Francisco office was abuzz with the voices of more than 50 professionals discussing a variety of topics with passion and interest while munching on the Mediterranean spread provided by Protiviti, the host for the event. Attendees represented many facets of the payments ecosystem – major banks, the payment networks, payment processors, telecommunications tech companies, consulting firms, bitcoin startups, e-commerce marketplace players, market intelligence firms, marketing firms, social media, country trade & investment representatives, mobile ticketing, emerging international payment service providers, emerging payroll providers, financial advisor solutions and more.

BayPay Forum ( is on a track for growth this year, expanding its presence not only across the US into places like Atlanta but also into Europe – France, Luxembourg, etc. – providing opportunities for payment professionals around the world to connect on trending topics. There are more than 14 events already planned in the San Francisco area alone.

We had a fireside chat with Marwan Forzley, CEO of Align Commerce, a next-generation Payment Service Provider (PSP) for global commerce that enables businesses and payment platforms to send and receive payments in local currency by using the blockchain as a new settlement rail. There is, of course, no fire, but Daniel Chatelain, Founder of BayPay Forum, was comfortably ensconced in a pale blue chair and Marwan sat opposite from him in a similar chair, the camera trained on him for the live streaming of the event (the video will be available on the BayPay Forum website later for those interested in a replay of the event).

Daniel Chatelain, Managing Director of BayPay Forum, started the conversation with helping us to understand his guest’s background – where they were born, how they got started in payments, etc.

Marwan was born in Lebanon and grew up in Canada. He lived in New York for a while until his company was bought by Western Union and he was moved to DC. His career has alternated between star ...

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