BBVA Open Talent 2016: A Powerful Wheel in the Global FinTech Innovation Machine

Success stories are rarely self-written, there are always influential parties involved in the history of the most successful startups. Those parties include angel investors, VCs, accelerator programs, challenges and even past failures. All these are parts of a conveyor that build a sustainable business model able to survive and succeed in the marketplace, winning customers’ loyalty.

One of the most powerful wheels of the global innovation machine for the eighth year in a row has been the BBVA Open Talent challenge organized by one of the most innovative and forward-thinking financial institutions in the world. With 66 million customers and 9,145 branches across 35 countries, BBVA offers the global startup community a unique opportunity to make a difference for international consumer market and businesses.

BBVA Open Talent 2016 is not just another competition. It is a journey to transform the financial world. Driven by a thirst for adventure, BBVA’s eighth edition of Open Talent will reveal the next generation of innovators who will gain an opportunity to make an impact and leave a mark on the international FinTech scene.

Proof of concept

It is needless to sing serenades to a single challenge if there is no proof of its importance in th ...

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