BBVA Unveils the Champions of the Open Talent 2017 AI Challenge

Following the announcement of the Open Talent Identity champions, the world’s biggest challenge for FinTech startups – BBVA Open Talent 2017 – unveiled the finalists for its 2017 Open Talent AI competitions.

TheBBVA Open Talent AI competition was launched in March as part of BBVA’s wider Open Talent competition – the biggest FinTech competition in the world – which features challenges focused on AI, FinTech for Companies (F4C), Identity, Women in FinTech, Financial Inclusion, and specific challenges for 11 countries around the world.

For the AI competition, BBVA had more than a hundred entries from 26 different countries. Themes ranged from providing more personalized products and services, better risk management, offering customers greater insights into their transaction, personalized money management systems, and real-time AI chatbots.

BBVA judges selected 10 best FinTech AI solutions to take through to the final of the

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