BBVA Unveils the Champions of the Open Talent 2017 AI Challenge

Following the announcement of the Open Talent Identity champions, the world’s biggest challenge for FinTech startups – BBVA Open Talent 2017 – unveiled the finalists for its 2017 Open Talent AI competitions.

TheBBVA Open Talent AI competition was launched in March as part of BBVA’s wider Open Talent competition – the biggest FinTech competition in the world – which features challenges focused on AI, FinTech for Companies (F4C), Identity, Women in FinTech, Financial Inclusion, and specific challenges for 11 countries around the world.

For the AI competition, BBVA had more than a hundred entries from 26 different countries. Themes ranged from providing more personalized products and services, better risk management, offering customers greater insights into their transaction, personalized money management systems, and real-time AI chatbots.

BBVA judges selected 10 best FinTech AI solutions to take through to the final of the Open Talent AI challenge, which was held at the end of June at Money 2020’s Arena Space in Copenhagen. The 10 finalists had each had five minutes to pitch their idea live to an audience of judges and fellow FinTech startups. From that pitch, the eventual winner was then selected, and as well as being announced on the main stage, also got to pitch their idea to the massive crowd – ensuring fantastic exposure.

Startup Country Description Contact Sentimer Spain Sentimer Technologies is an artificial intelligence chatbot platform for customer acquisition, cross-selling and service for banking, insurance companies, and financial services providers. @SentimerTech DataSine UK DataSine’s algorithms use a unique combination of machine learning and psychology to gain a deeper understanding of customers. @data_sine Axyon AI Italy Axyon AI offers Deep Learning-powered artificial intelligence solutions for finance. Started in 2013 as an R&D effort by its parent company (DM Digital SRL), Axyon relies on three different competitive advantages to set itself in a powerful position to become a market leader in providing highly accurate predictive solutions to the finance sector. @AxyonAI Change Israel Change is developing a "Personal CFO" that seamlessly improves spending habits, increases savings, and cuts down fees. @change_labs SBDA Group Ireland SBDA is an AI-based platform that solves the lack of personalized communications in retail banking. The platform that helps retail banks to leverage the power of AI for becoming a personal financial assistant to their customers. @sbdagroup AI Talentum Spain Development of predictive models based on computer science and mathematics. @aitalentum Nexoos Brazil A marketplace that uses technology and data to provide simple and affordable business loans by connecting SMEs directly with investors. @Nexoos_BR Neosurance Italy The virtual insurance agent for insurance disruptors that wants to sell contextual push-based micro-policies. @Neosurance_EU Spin Analytics UK Spin Analytics brings digital transformation in credit risk management by leveraging predictive analytics, AI and ML techniques on Big Data. SmartPoll Chile SmartPoll communicates with your company in real time through a virtual assistant. It combines artificial intelligence, Big Data, and mobile. LinkedIn

Source: BBVA Open Talent 2017

Change – The Winner of BBVA Open Talent 2017 AI

Among the diverse group of the finalists, Change, co-founded by Assaf Priel, Dmitri Chebotarev and Yaniv Levi, was announced as the winner of BBVA Open Talent 2017 AI.

Change was selected because their solutions are really at the heart of what we are trying to do with technology as a bank – to use it to reduce people’s stress and support them with their financial decision-making, said BBVA’s Head of Open Talent Marisol Menéndez.

As shared by the company, "We help American millennials to improve their financial health by automating and optimizing their financials. Our platform can link into any bank and credit card, identify financial patterns, make predictions and execute automated banking services. All communication is done via texting with our chatbot. Change is used by over 15,000 clients who linked their bank accounts and credit cards to the service and over 2,000 of them enabled our auto-savings service which is generating over $10,000 per day in savings deposits. We recently launched our Predictive Overdraft Protection service that can predict the risk of an upcoming overdraft and provide up to $200 of interest-free cash advance to minimize the risk of paying overdraft fees. Our engagement rate cohort analysis is showing a 40% engagement rates in the first four weeks and retention is 62% after 13 weeks. Our CAC is stable at a $6.5 for the last three months."

BBVA Open Talent 2017 – The Road Ahead

BBVA is currently running a Global Trends competition aimed at finding the very best FinTech solution, on any topic, from anywhere in the world. This competition is still open for entries until July 17.

Source: BBVA Open Talent 2017

BBVA Open Talent Global Trends


  • Application Deadline: July 17
  • Finalists Announcement: September
  • Finals: October


  • 10 finalists will participate next October in the final
  • The winner will receive €30,000 in prize money
  • An Immersion Week in Madrid to meet and interact with BBVA teams and executives
  • A slot to participate in BBVA Global Summit

BBVA Open Talent FinTech for Companies


  • Application Deadline – July 17th
  • Finalists Announcement – August
  • Finals – September


  • 10 finalists will participate next September in the final
  • The winner will receive €30,000 in prize money
  • An Immersion week in Madrid to meet and interact with BBVA teams and executives
  • A slot to participate in BBVA Global Summit
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BBVA Open Talent Global is the culmination event that will be celebrated to honor the winners of the biggest FinTech challenge globally:

  • The BBVA Global Summit will be celebrated next October in Madrid
  • The winners of all the competitions will participate in the BBVA Global Summit (BBVA Open Talent Identity, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech for Companies, Regional and Global Trends)
  • The BBVA Global Summit winner will receive an additional €50,000 in prize money

About BBVA Open Talent 2017

For 2017, BBVA Open Talent has grown to offer more FinTech startups around the world the chance to compete and win. The competitions are focused on seven key areas: Identity, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech for Companies, Global Trends, Women in FinTech, Financial Inclusion and a regional competition for finalists from Spain, Latin America, and Turkey. The winners from each of these main areas are invited to the Open Talent Global Summit and Immersion Week, which is held in October at the BBVA Group headquarters in Madrid. In addition to time spent networking and collaborating with BBVA executives, one finalist will win 50,000 euros.

Requirements for BBVA Open Talent 2017 Participants

With the Open Talent competition, BBVA is looking for the kind of innovative thinking that will help shape, change and grow the digital banking sector in the future, so that banks like BBVA continue to deliver excellent service and products to customers and clients.

  • Projects must be operative or at least in beta version;
  • Startups no older than January 1, 2013;
  • Earned less than €1,5 million in revenue;
  • Raised less than €2.5 million in funding.