BBVA Unveils the Champions of the Open Talent 2017 Identity Challenge

The world’s biggest challenge for FinTech startups – BBVA Open Talent 2017 – unveiled the first finalists for its 2017 Open Talent competitions, starting off with the key issue of identity.

BBVA Open Talent Identity competition was around identity, and how technology can lead to huge improvements for customers and clients in everything from online safety and data protection to giving people access to banking and its services in the first place.

BBVA judges selected 10 best FinTech identity solutions to take through to the final of the Open Talent Identity challenge, which was held at the K(NO)W Identity Conference in Washington DC, USA, a three-day gathering of the world's most influential organizations and smartest minds across all industries that have a stake in shaping the future of identity.

Company Solution From Contact Biid Mobile identity solution using asymmetric cryptography to secure digital commerce. Spain LinkedIn
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