Beacon based Contactless Payments Heads to the Middle East Region

Beam Wallet is the first company in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region to introduce Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon technology, enabling consumers to shop, earn, and redeem rewards while enjoying specifically targeted offers and promotions, all without cash or cards. Beam Wallet is changing the rules of customer engagement and radically transforming the way people shop by turning smartphones into digital wallets and cutting transaction times in half.

The rollout of Beam Wallet's contactless experience begins in the UAE, with more than 1,100 retail outlets now operating Beam Beacons at checkout. Fitted with the latest BLE technology, iBeeks Beacons, supplied by BluVision, offer immediate engagement with the more than 100,000 customers already registered with Beam Wallet. This is achieved by sending a passive alert to the retailer's point of sale (POS) system notifying them of the customer's presence in the store.

Shoppers receive a personalized notification through their Beam Wallet app, welcoming them, highlighting dedicated offers, and pointing out immediate rewards available. Payment transactions are simple, streamlined, and contactless for both parties. Cashier input is limited to entering the amount due into the POS system, while the shoppers use their 3G phones to enter their personal security number and confirm payment by Beam Wallet. Customer and retailer both receive notifications of the transaction status and a digital receipt is automatically generated.

In a mobile-centric world where innovation is key, the integration between BLE-capable Beam Beacons and the Beam Wallet platform offers savvy businesses a strong advantage. For the first time ever, retailers have the opportunity to communicate with customers on a personal one-on-one basis. The mobile commerce platform works with a proprietary CRM platform and an advanced analytics structure to provide business partners with valuable insights into in-store customer behavior and preferences. Some of the data collected includes the frequency of visits, purchasing conversions according to offers, footfall in specific areas of the store, social media sharing of information, and even the duration of visits.

More than 100,000 consumers in the UAE have already signed up for the Beam Wallet App, with over 1,120 popular retail and dining outlets already introducing Beam Beacons in-store.