Beacon-Enabled Taxis Coming to UK via Proxama and Ubiquitous

Proxama PLC, one of the leading mobile proximity marketing firms, recently announced an exclusive, long-term partnership with Ubiquitous. Ubiquitous is the UK’s largest provider of taxi advertising. The partnership will significantly expand Proxama’s network of beacons, enabling texts to be delivered to an engaged audience while traveling.

The Proxama Network connects users to brands via their mobile devices with Bluetooth low energy (BLE) Beacons. With the new partnership, both companies are planning to install up to 4,000 Bluetooth low energy beacons into taxis across London and other major cities.

In the period of one year, each London taxi is estimated to make around 4,500 journeys, principally between central locations, rail stations and airports. Regular taxi users in London tend to have high personal income, are smartphone/tablet-enabled and are likely to be middle management and above. From this perspective, this particular demographic is a very important one for the brands to reach.

The company anticipates that 24% of consumers who receive in-the-moment, content-relevant advertising will click-through to the app. The percentage is comparatively higher than any form of mobile advertising.

Andrew Barnett, Managing Director at Ubiquitous commented in the press release, Being the first company to put beacons into black cabs at scale is consistent with our innovative track record and I am delighted to be working with Proxama who are quickly establishing themselves as pioneers in this market. For all brands, the opportunity to connect with their customers through proximity marketing, in a high dwell-time setting such as the back of the cab, provides a unique one-to-one moment in which there is the time to respond to messages and offers. Jon Worley, CEO of Proxama’s Marketing Division commented, This is an excellent high-profile partnership for us and one which we believe is extremely well suited to proximity marketing. The average cab journey lasts around 20 minutes in London and is a natural time for people to engage with their smartphone for messages and new content. We look forward to seeing the customer reaction.

Our network of beacons has grown rapidly across London since the beginning of the year. Advertisers are now able to make use of the Proxama Network which covers London buses, airports and black cabs, with further expansion planned across multiple sectors.

Many researchers believe digital technologies will influence a large portion of in-store retail sales worth 1.1 trillion dollars. Beacons are one of the major technologies in this equation.

In the last few years, beacons have gained attention from marketers and businesses for location-based marketing efforts, but one of the biggest pain points is that shoppers are required to be actively using a business mobile app for successful communication.