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Bluetooth Low Energy technology holds a great promise for the future in the Beacons Avatar. Though the journey for this disruptive technology has just started, beacons have the potential to transform retail, loyalty/offers and payments. And here is why, what and how of it:

Lets see how a shopper will benefit from beacons in a retail outlet (Source: Estimote website):

As John approaches the entrance, the violet beacon positioned in the window, sends a personalized message to his phone engaging him to read the welcome message.

John sees a great jeans. Thanks to another beacon located near the product, he can immediately receive more information and a special offer.

As he approaches the t-shirt section of the store, the yellow beacon sends a new message to John's phone with a recommendation for a new purchase. John decides to buy both of the items and uses the store's mobile app to finalize the purchase.

As John exits the store, the light blue beacon triggers a thank you message with shipping information which appears on his phone. His purchase gets completed with the credit card on file in the store's mobile app.

Here is a video showing practical use of beacons provided by Estimote:

For geeks, the image shows how beacons work ...

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