BeaconStream: Delivering Relevant Mobile Ads

BeaconStream is a proximity-based mobile marketing technology built upon Apple’s iBeacon Bluetooth low energy (BLE) capabilities. It is the newest digital marketing method to reach customers by delivering mobile ads based on context, proximity and location. $137 billion is spent on digital ads globally, and BeaconStream has been well-positioned to grab this market.

We launched BeaconStream to help businesses send notifications, data, coupons, promotions and videos to consumers. This helps in increasing their customer engagement, and also helps them understand consumer behaviour, said Venkat Nallapati, Founder & CEO of BeaconStream.

BeaconStream provides the required tools and software for businesses to enrich their customers' experience by offering relevant mobile marketing campaigns. With BeaconStream technology, iOS devices or other hardware can send push notifications to iOS devices in close proximity. What's more, BeaconStream's services can be used on Android as well.

Establishment of BeaconStream:

Launched in July 2014, BeaconStream's expansion plan includes growth through acquisitions and working on various capital-raising methods, such as private investments and IPO processes.

This is a cutting-edge initiative that the country is seeing for the first time. Our vision is to bring the zero debt company value to $1 billion by the year 2020, added Venkat.

The company was established with the idea of revolutionizing the mobile marketing world by integrating mobile marketing with beacon technology. The company looks forward to helping businesses increase their visibility, revenue and customer loyalty using iBeacon technology.

Beacon technology also helps businesses increase revenues in a very cost effective manner. They can have access to marketing insights and thus enhance the shopping experience for consumers, stated Venkat.

In India, numerous malls are using BeaconStream technology in Bengaluru and Chennai.

Our goal is to make every consumer’s mobile device a virtual sales person for every business and industry, says Venkat Nallapati, CEO & Founder of BeaconStream.