Behavioral Data – The Unfair Advantage in the Digital Era

The emergence of advanced tracking and sensory technologies, as well as solutions that focus on gathering behavioral information online represent a source of unimaginable value for businesses dealing with the consequences of consumer delinquency or any other human-related risk. Forbes emphasizes that telematics or wireless communication of data back to an organization and AI can take predictive abilities and customized products to the next level by recognizing GPS patterns with the data, inferring road & traffic conditions, and even predicting and helping avoid accidents, which could potentially lead to fewer claims to process as well as safer and more satisfied customers.

Financial services and insurance industries are the ones most dependent on the ability to understand and build predictive models of human behavior. The opportunity for those industries has two sides – the ability to anticipate defaults, and fraud prevention. In fact, when making lending decisions, analyzing behavioral information in addition to financial information can help a lender avoid a l ...

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