Big Opportunity and Many Solutions: Banking & Payments Veterans Exchange Experiences With Lending Startups

LTP and Opus Consulting hosted the second FinTech meetup in Pune yesterday, which also saw a partnership with CIIE of IIM, Ahmedabad this time. The discussion themes for this session were payments and lending.

The evening started with a welcome by Ruhita Sardesai of Opus, followed by a presentation by Aditya Khurjekar, CEO of LTP. Since the audience had a good mix of FinTech experts as well as enthusiasts from outside the industry, Aditya laid out the context for why FinTech is a potent platform for economic development, similar to other recent innovation platforms such as the Internet and Mobility, ones that we "typically emerge every 10–15 years." He also shared his framework for defining FinTech at a deeper level than simply financial services + technology enablers. He explained how a combination of rising consumer expectations – who are also prolific mobile users – fueled by progressive regulatory policies (especially in Asia), and the rise of entrepreneurship supported by incumbents and investors is creating the perfect storm ...

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