Biggest Happenings in NFC Technology Space in 2014

Some analysts had written off NFC as a significant technology for payments space but the technology made a comeback this year and is gaining traction day-by-day. Factors like EMV liability shift and cross-industry collaboration are leading to broad merchant collaboration in NFC terminals for payments. With new mobile wallet services like Apple Pay gaining traction in the market, new innovation will be enabled at the point of sale driven by NFC. Many industry observers and participants believe that the shift to EMV-enabled payment terminals combined with adoption of NFC payments by big brands like Apple will be driving force behind the next wave of payment innovation.

With NFC, new media technology is converging with new payment solutions. This shift brings a whole new category to the forefront that’s all about engaging the customer at the merchant location and seamlessly bridging the online and offline worlds. This new media is at the point of sale with every electronic transaction that a consumer makes, thus enabling the convergence of offline and online marketing and pro ...

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