Bill Payments, Cash Deposits and Prepaid Loads via Fuze Network, Raised $3.7 Mn

Fuze Network was founded in August 2010 by Dave Wilkes (CEO). The management team also includes Khalid El-Awady (CPO) and Kelly Lent (CTO). Fuze Network has received a total funding of $3.7 Mn through investors Metamorphic Ventures, Kickstart Seed Fund, Insikt Ventures, Ribbit Capital, Matrix Partners and Deciens Capital.

Fuze Network says that its technology facilitates the movement of money onto any of the 1.5 Bn U.S. bank-issued cards. Fuze Network routes money to card issuers and is directly promoted to cardholders by many of those issuers, including First Premier Bank, Citi Bank and Merrick Bank.

Some features of their platform:

Send Payments: Extra cash can be safely deposited during non-banking hours and payments can be made in-lane at the last minute by just swiping your card at a local retailer or online.

Receive Payments: Receive your money on your bankcards. It offers expense reimbursements, shared payments, commissions as well as cash rewards.

Locator: For card issuers, helping cardholders find nearby cash services such as ATM’s, walk-in payments and load networks is consolidated into a single map. Fuze Locator helps cardholders understand and compare options.