Billfloat : Buy smartphones on credit without checks

There could have been instances in your life, where you might have defaulted on paying bills on time. Defaulting on bills not only attracts fine but also reduces your credit rating.

To overcome such problems, Billfloat introduced a product called SmartPay. The SmartPay option allows customers to buy a smartphone (as they are expensive) and pay for it monthly through an in-store lease-to-own-option. One of the first in the industry. Acting as an intermediary between the payer and the payee, Billfloat acts as a finance provider. It brings the technology of ‘More Time to Pay (MTP)’ to its customers for up to 1 month. In the process it also helps companies in maintaining their cash cycles by paying them on behalf on its customers, resulting in more sales and better cash flow for businesses. Billfloat has specializ ...

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