BillPro Adds New Check Processing Solution for Merchants

BillPro, an international merchant processing service provider, is pleased to announce a new secure check processing option for merchants without Automated Clearing House (ACH) access. BillPro’s check by phone service is an electronic check drafting method that delivers a number of advantages to merchants, including more control over refund and chargeback requests, convenient optional batch processing, and compatibility with multiple payment channels.

Many merchants assume check by phone payments are synonymous with ACH payments, but check by phone offers some distinct benefits, said Daria Rippingale, CEO of BillPro. Check by phone gives merchants a fast and secure way to take checks through web portals, shopping carts, postal mail and fax as well as by phone—without the time spent waiting for paper check arrival, clearance and settlement.

Check by phone payments can also reduce friendly fraud and unwarranted chargebacks in two ways. Customers seeking to reverse a check by phone payment must fill out an affidavit in person at their local bank branch to make the request, which makes it less likely that customers will request a chargeback on impulse. And the final decision about whether to refund payment resides with the merchant, which gives the merchant the authority to assess each request individually and to develop stronger customer-satisfaction metrics whenever possible.

To help merchants make the most of the new check by phone service, BillPro provides a secure virtual terminal for manual check processing, the option for high volume merchants to use secure batch processing, and API integration assistance upon request.

Check by phone is a popular choice for merchants in such industries as web hosting, legal services, credit repair and collections, loan repayment services, technical support, and advertising, as well as any legal business which sells high-ticket items or subscription based services and products.

About BillPro:

BillPro is an international online payments provider delivering secure payment solutions for all business types. BillPro offers credit card, eCheck, ACH, check by phone and international bank payments and secure multi-currency payment options through its network of international banking partners. BillPro protects its merchants with a Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant payment gateway that is fully integrated with many of the world’s largest gateways and shopping carts. With competitive rates and lucrative partner programs, BillPro is a leading provider of merchant accounts for domestic and international merchants.