Biometrics for payments via PulseWallet using Fujitsu’s PalmSecure Vein Imaging

Biometric Authentication gained quite some attention during 2013 with Danal, Zwipe and a few other notable companies entering the space and even dishing out some products. Now PulseWallet, an Electronic transaction POS provider, demonstrated their innovative cardless POS solution at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) international between the 7th and 10th of January, 2014 in Las Vegas.

PulseWallet was Co-Founded in November 2011 by Aimann Rasheed (CEO) and Matt Saricicek (CTO). Its solution already enables users to pay for products with just their finger but the problem with that setup is that the fingerprints can potentially be lifted according to the company. Now PulseWallet is converting to a more secure biometric technology that combines data on palm vein patterns with fingerprint data from three fingers.'

PulseWallet partnered with Fujitsu Frontech to make use of their PalmSecure biometric technology. The int ...

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