Bitcoin, Blockchain and… Marijuana

No, there is no mistake here. Bitcoin and blockchain technology have actually found its way into the marijuana industry with some very interesting companies hiding in the shade till the moment the topic becomes a bit less sensitive or a bit more explored. The part of the population that is involved in the medical marijuana industry has been joking around April 20 all day, but the companies we are about to look at are quite serious about the intention to bring the technology of the future into a shadow business.

The first company worth looking at is Tokken. Tokken is a mobile platform that extends banking services to cash-intensive, unbankable businesses. The company was launched with the aim to address one of the biggest regulatory discontinuities of the 21st century – legal cannabis and banking. Realizing the greater need for a consumer- focused, secure payment system in other cash-heavy industries, founders have created a platform that leverages techno ...

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