Bitcoin Wallet Circle Has Added NFC, Touch ID, Bluetooth & Multifactor Authentication

Last year, Circle came out with native apps for both iOS and Android platforms with the perspective to provide multiple features on its online platform to the mobile world. The app allows users to make payments, send and request money, and deposit and convert money between bitcoins and dollars.

Recently, the company has added new updates to its iOS and Android mobile apps with an aim to make bitcoin easier to use and to propel wider acceptance. Focusing on ease-of-use and security the app’s updates will make it faster, safer and easier for consumers to leverage bitcoin.

Mobile bitcoin wallet Circle integrates with banks and credit card accounts to support both deposits and withdrawals.

Initially, Circle had features to send and request money, and transact via QR codes. Now, it has added NFC to its Android app so that users can make payments using digital currency. Customers can now make payments with a tap of their smartphones when checking out with the app at locations where bitcoin is accepted.

Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint reader gives compatible iOS device users the option to secure their accounts. It provides security support for iOS devices if they happen to get lost or stolen.

In addition, other new features in Circle like phone contact integration and Bluetooth are aimed at making the process of sending and requesting money smooth.

Users of the app can also configure multifactor authentication for specific withdrawal and spending gateways.

Company details: Boston-based Circle Internet Financial is a bitcoin-based consumer finance company. It offers users worldwide to make payments instant, secure and free with the help of digital currency technology. The company’s aim is to make digital currency newcomers familiar with bitcoin. In April, 2015, the company raised $50 million in venture funding from investors that include Goldman Sachs and IDG Capital Partners of China. After funding, the company is valued at around $200 million.