Bitwage Releases Payment Verification Platform, My Employer, Five New Output Currencies and Hits New Transaction Milestone!

-Launching a new payment-verified reputation system that allows workers to leverage their payment data to acquire new clients without going to freelance marketplaces

-Launching 5 new currencies

-Reached milestone of $1m in transactions/month last month

Since July of 2014, we have been hard at work ensuring that our customers have the best wage experience they could possibly have. Prior to Bitwage, employees, freelancers and contractors were required to receive a wage from their employers and clients in whatever format their employers or clients chose. Through our Bitwage Invoicing solution, we have changed this paradigm, allowing workers to free their wages by giving them the ability to choose how they would like to receive their wages. Whether they want to receive faster, cheaper international wage payments or if they would like to receive part of their wages in alternative forms of value, such as gold, silver or other digital assets, Bitwage enables the workers to have the choice.

It turns out that our customers, the workers, freelancers and contracting companies, have another problem in addition to slow and expensive payments. That problem is getting more clients. For international workers (for instance, Brazilians) trying to acquire new clients across borders (for instance, in the United States) often run into trust issues. The US customer has no way to trust or verify the value of the Brazilian freelancer’s unverified resume with names of universities and employers that no one in the Unite ...

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