Blockchain OS: Companies Providing Decentralized Enterprise Systems

Distributed Ledger Technology has not hit the limits of imagination as to what processes and how will it change. A strong community of entrepreneurs and supporters has shaped around the world to find the most lucrative applications – financial and non-financial. Having reviewed a wide spectrum of possible applications of blockchain technology, let’s look at some examples of the next level of development – blockchain OS providers for multi-industry use:

BloqEnterprise by Bloq

BloqEnterprise by Bloq is a multi-pronged blockchain software solution designed to allow enterprise users the ability to create, update, customize and analyze their own public, private, and permissioned blockchains.

BloqEnterprise will serve as a blockchain operating system (BOS) for private and public blockchains, including the following components:

  • BloqRouter is claimed to be the faste ...
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