Bluefin Payment Systems and Collaborate on QuickSwipe mPOS System

On 25th June 2014, leading provider of security and payment technology – Bluefin Payment Systems – announced that it has partnered with to provide Bluefin’s QuickSwipe mPOS solution to clients.

Our members want flexible, valuable business tools to not only maintain their business but to grow it. Everything we do is to help small businesses get more customers and make better decisions. Offering mobile payments is a great way entrepreneurs can use technology to deliver a better experience to their customers, stated CEO of, Fran Tarkenton, in a press release. Small businesses are more mobile today than ever, and using their iPhone or iPad to never miss a sale is a serious game-changer.

  • provides business consulting, mentoring, tools and services for small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Adding this mobile payment processing solution gives on-the-go small business owners the ability to accept payments anywhere and at any time.
  • QuickSwipe is the premier solution for companies seeking an mPOS system with a rich feature set.
  • It also possesses the highest level of security with encrypted payments and tokenization.
  • QuickSwipe enables consumers to process credit/debit/ACH and recurring transactions, as well as build catalogs to populate customer tickets.
  • They can easily issue refunds, and assign administrators and users with Bluefin’s simple iOS or web interface.

Thanks to the popularity of mobile payments, lots of providers have cropped up with a mobile solution. But what merchants end up getting from these companies is the bare minimum of features, no customer service, and funds that are held for a month or more. QuickSwipe is not your cookie-cutter mobile solution. It’s an efficient, secure mobile point of sale system with the highest level of security, one-on-one support, and 1-2 day funding, commented, CEO of Bluefin, John M. Perry, in the same release. We feel this is a perfect solution for clients and are very excited about this partnership.