Blur, a New Tool to Mask your Sensitive Information

It’s hard to protect your personal information in this digital age with websites tracking your online activity and the fear of data breaches. Abine, an online privacy company, has come up with a new tool dubbed as ‘Blur’ which lets you browse the internet without being tracked. The tool also helps avoid scenarios where an online user is forced to provide personal information in order to complete transactions.

Blur is an all-in-one solution that protects your passwords, payments and privacy. It gives the power to users to choose the amount of personal information they wish to provide the websites. This would cover scenarios like internet surfing, creating a new account or online shopping no matter whether you are using mobile phone, browser or tablet.

Blur’s primary features include:

  • Creates and remembers strong passwords to log you in fast from any device
  • Protects and fills logins, addresses, & credit cards into forms without typing
  • Choose to share or to mask your email, phone number, & credit card anywhere
  • Automatically blocks tracking by Facebook, Google, and 100’s of data collection companies and targeted ad networks
  • Encrypts and syncs personal info across phones, tablets, & computers

Blur uses a method called masking which creates a new email address, phone number or credit card number when the user is asked to give such sensitive information. User can input the auto-generated information instead of real ones when logging into websites or making purchases. The masking works in such a manner that if someone sends you a message on your masked email ID, you will receive it on your actual email ID. The same works for masked phone numbers as well. The best part is the masking of credit cards which creates a unique card number specific to amount of transaction in case of online transactions.

Blur is a free service but offers some premium features at $4 per month. The premium features include a second dedicated private phone number, unlimited new credit cards and the ability to add unlimited devices to an account for a single subscription price. The free version only includes tracker blocking, masked emails and the password manager feature.

Over 157 million U.S. credit card holders have been notified of a breach in the last 18 months while the typical web surfer is tracked by 11 companies at each site they visit – resulting in over 2,500 unique tracking and data collection attempts weekly. This simply calls for the need of more services like Blur.