Bookatable Joins Hands With MyCheck and PayPal to Offer Mobile Payments

In a UK first, online restaurant booking service announced a new function in its mobile application, powered by mobile payment technology providers, MyCheck and PayPal. The partnership will enable users at a select number of restaurants across the UK including Busaba Eathai and other major brands to trial a Pay-At-Table technology, enabling diners to instantly pay for their meals using their mobile device.

MyCheck, the mobile payment technology provider, has joined forces with Europe’s largest restaurant booking platform to enable Bookatable’s restaurant partners to transform the customer experience with faster checkout, increasing loyalty and customer engagement.

The MyCheck mobile payment functionality will be integrated into Bookatable’s existing app. By hitting the ‘Pay-At-Table’ button, users will be able to find restaurants with Pay-At-Table technology and pay by for the entire bill amount or split the bill with others via PayPal or a registered card on a MyCheck account, without waiting for the waiter to settle the bill at the table.

Pay-At-Table launches with the ever popular Busaba Eathai brand in London expanding to more than 200 sites by the end of June and more than 500 sites by the end of summer.

Key features of the Pay-At-Table function in the Bookatable app:

  1. Users can select a restaurant from a ‘Pay-At-Table’ list within the Bookatable app
  2. Once the user has logged in or registered with either MyCheck or PayPal, they will be provided with a 4-digit code which is to be shown to the waiter or cashier
  3. The user can then view ordered items and prices, pay for their bill, slide a bar to add a tip or even split the bill with others who are using the same code on their mobile device
  4. Diners can then just check off the items they want to pay for, and they are done
  5. The receipt will be delivered via email to the account used for MyCheck or PayPal

The Bookatable app is free to download and is available from the iTunes App Store.

Joe Steele, CEO of Bookatable commented: The introduction of the Pay-At-Table technology has already brought about a fundamental change in consumer behaviour within the restaurant space, with high profile chains such as Busaba Eathai utilising the technology to maximise convenience and speed for both themselves and their customers.

The function of being able to pay through a mobile device at the table not only increases loyalty and customer engagement, it also boosts revenues through capitalising on an increased number of table covers and allows restaurants to spend more time on customer service that would have otherwise been spent preparing the receipt; something which Bookatable are committed to ensuring our restaurant partners are provided with.

Shlomit Kugler, CEO from MyCheck commented: The restaurant sector is booming, with more restaurants opening and fewer closing than ever before. Increased competition is driving restaurants to pursue new ways to differentiate. Increasingly we are seeing restaurants use mobile to give their customers a more personalised, memorable experience - one that begins in the restaurant and continues, through digital engagement, after they leave.

Bookatable is a major player and the first booking service to embrace mobile payments - a testament to the power of this technology to deliver genuine value to both customer and restaurant.

Rob Harper, Director of Mobile Commerce, PayPal UK added: We introduced our first pay-at-table experience in 2011, and have developed the service with additional features over the past few years. PayPal’s aim is to make life easier for people by using technology to solve the frustrations of traditional ways to pay. Customers love being able to pay the bill at their table without having to attract a waiter’s attention and wait for a card machine. Why wait for the bill when you can pay at the table on your smartphone?

About Bookatable Bookatable’s mission is to fill the world’s restaurants with happy diners and, through sharing its passion for eating out, to inspire and enable great dining experiences for any occasion and budget. We do this by bringing diners and restaurants together in a single, vibrant, dynamic marketplace and delivering personal, accessible, fast and local service with care and expertise.

Bookatable provides an unrivalled service for both consumers and restaurants. For consumers, Bookatable is the go-to site for diners. Whether it’s inspiring, browsing, booking or dining, Bookatable creates memorable experiences and diners with the opportunity to book amazing restaurants, wherever they are, whatever the occasion.

For restaurants, Bookatable is the indispensable partner of the industry, helping to fill restaurants with diners at the right times and manage those diners to deliver the best possible service. From high-street favourites, to local eateries or the finest Michelin-starred restaurants, Bookatable helps all types of restaurant.

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About MyCheck

MyCheck is a technology platform that enhances the merchant and user experience in hospitality via POS integrations. MyCheck allows restaurant groups and chains to own their own customized and branded mobile experience, either inside an existing app or in a new app that the company will develop for the brand. The platform is modular, so the operator chooses which functionalities to incorporate - pay-at-table, pay-at-counter, loyalty, CRM outreach, order ahead, delivery, etc. It is integrated with more than 27 POS systems.

After implementing the technology, merchants end up with not only a simplified and faster payment process, but more importantly, they discover powerful new ways to engage with their customers and deliver better customer service. Popular with restaurants, MyCheck lets customers settle and split the bill between friends, order a takeaway and even leave a tip without waiting for service staff.

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About PayPal

At PayPal, we put people at the centre of everything we do. Founded in 1998, we continue to be at the forefront of the digital payments revolution, processing almost 11.6 million payments for our customers per day. PayPal gives people better ways to connect to their money and to each other, helping them send money without sharing financial information and with the flexibility to pay using their PayPal account balances, bank accounts, PayPal Credit and credit cards.

With our 165 million active customer accounts, we have created an open and secure payments ecosystem people and businesses choose to securely transact with each other online, in stores and on mobile devices. PayPal is a truly global payments platform that is available to people in 203 markets, allowing customers to get paid in more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds to their bank accounts in 57 currencies and hold balances in their PayPal accounts in 26 currencies. PayPal is an eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) company. In September 2014, eBay Inc. announced the planned separation of eBay and PayPal into independent publicly traded companies in 2015.

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