Braintree brings Rapid Signup Process for European Merchants

On November 12th, Braintree rolled out a new, instant sign-up flow for Europe-based businesses in an effort to help developers get their businesses off the ground as quickly as possible. This would make it easier than it has ever been to get a business up and running online. With this new sign-up flow, European merchants, new to Braintree, can use their first $50,000 USD-equivalent in their local currency, free of fees.

Soon, European merchants that integrate with Braintree’s SDK can start accepting payments immediately with just an email address, company URL and short business description. Once integrated with the SDK is done, which takes less than 10 minutes to integrate, merchants will get instant access to accept credit, debit and PayPal. PayPal has now been now localized for more than 40 Braintree markets. This also gets merchants access to PayPal’s 157 million global active customers, a customizable drop in checkout form, foreign currency acceptance.

In near future, merchants can avail One Touch, the mobile payments service integrated with PayPal bringing fastest and most secure way to pay on a mobile device across Android and iOS. The ability to use so little information is a big change from how merchants have set up payments systems in the past, particularly in Europe, where many banks require paper-based documentation to approve accounts. Braintree uses a combination of algorithms and dedicated team to research a company based on those three pieces of information to determine whether a company is a legit merchant to add to its platform.

Braintree also runs Startup Blueprint, a program that provides global mentorship and support for the startup community. Braintree is working with some European startups and developers including: CleanAgents, Powtoon, The Ocean Cleanup and uBiome. Each startup accepted into the program receives mentorship and white glove support from Braintree’s Startup Advisors, all of whom have started their own business or worked at early stage startups. As part of this program, startups enjoy PayPal free transaction volume up to $1.5 million USD and Braintree free transaction volume up to $100,000 USD.