Breaking Down the FinTech Industry

MEDICIGlobal Head of Content

At MEDICI, we track 12,000+ FinTech startups across dozens of segments and subsegments and are able to draw the most detailed picture of the FinTech industry. Let’s look at that picture on a more granular level.


Payments startups have long been the most represented in the FinTech landscape, traditionally followed by lending. But as our platform becomes more precise and data-rich, WealthTech has emerged as the most represented segment among the 18 segments that we track.

In total, there are 2,180+ WealthTech startups (compared to 1,900+ in payments and 1,750+ in lending), broken down into five subsegments:

  • PFM: 749

  • Investment platforms: 257

  • Financial research: 278

  • Robo-advisors: 108

  • Other investment platforms: 544

No wonder. With a projection of around $210 trillion in private wealth globally by 2019 – and $55 trillion in North America – wealth management may very well become one of the hottest segments in FinTech. Industry professionals suggest that banks are looking to serve those with $20 million or less with standardized, consistent advice through digital platforms; while for clients with $20 million or more, banks will strategically use digital...

Elena Mesropyan

MEDICIGlobal Head of Content

Elena is a research professional with a background in social sciences and extensive experience in consumer behavior studies and marketing analytics. She is passionate about technologies enabling financial inclusion for underprivileged and vulnerable groups of the population around the world. Elena has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in FinTech 2018. Prior, she has been ranked in the Women in FinTech Powerlist 2017.