Daily Review: AI is Favored by CIOs Over Blockchain, as It Shows Positive ROI in Real-World Applications

Revolutionary technology is rarely spoken of in terms of real-world returns. Rather, it is heralded for the opportunities/possibilities it opens for businesses that can perfect it in business cases and leverage for higher returns. One of those technologies – AI – is finally showing some ROI (not the first time, but nonetheless). Denmark’s largest bank sees returns as it tears apart the playbook and brings machines into operations.

Pick #1. Denmark’s largest bank is using AI and machine learning to ‘tear everything apart’ – and it’s starting to pay off

Danske Bank, the largest bank in Denmark, lead the way in 2013 by introducing a new and convenient way to transfer money called MobilePay. Today, MobilePay is the Nordic region’s leading money transfer app with 3.8 million users in its core market, Denmark.

Now, Danske Bank is applying the same approach as with MobilePay – but instead of payments, it focuses on customer behavior and analytics. The bank has created an in-house startup called Advanced ...

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