Building Banking Ecosystems Through Collaboration: How FinTechs Are Partnering With Infosys Finacle to Achieve Global Reach

In an age where collaboration is key for success in the financial services industry, banks and technology providers are looking to build deeper relationships with FinTechs. The task at hand is not an easy one – the total number of FinTechs in the industry today stands at more than 15,000 (MEDICI estimates), which makes finding the right FinTech partner a daunting task. The key to successful collaboration is to have in place a comprehensive program that identifies, evaluates and onboards FinTechs that are best suited for each bank’s unique requirements. Infosys Finacle, the industry-leading banking solution provider, runs Finacle FinTech Connect – a partnership program to co-innovate with startups. The program identifies promising FinTechs whose solutions can bring value to Finacle’s vast clientele of banks across 94 countries.

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